Microfibre cleaning cloths & mops

Blue Wonder microfibre cleaning cloths and microfibre mops are the natural, safe and incredibly effective way to clean your entire home using water alone.

The unique blend of nylon and polyester in Blue Wonder cloths magnetically attracts and traps even the smallest dust and dirt particles. Blue Wonder microfibre cleaning cloths even eliminate 99% of bacteria with no need for any harmful cleaning chemicals.

Use Blue Wonder cleaning cloths to effortlessly clean:

  • In the kitchen: Benchtops, sinks, stove tops, splashbacks, cabinets, stainless steel
  • In the bathroom and laundry: Taps, tiles, vanities, showers and baths
  • Around the house: Windows, mirrors, upholstery, floors
  • In the garage: Cars, boats, bikes and sports equipment
  • At the office: Computer screens, desks and furniture