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Read what people are saying about the incredible & natural cleaning power of Blue Wonder microfibre cloths.

"One of the best value for money items I have ever purchased"

"I hate housework. I also dislike dirty windows, streaky looking bench tops and finger marks on kitchen appliances and cupboard doors. Nearly seven years ago when building a new home the lady who designed our kitchen very strongly suggested I buy a Blue Wonder cloth to keep the stainless steel bench top clean. After a demo from her showing how it left no streaks I purchased one. I admit I was rather reluctant because of the cost, but when I work out now how much I have saved on cleaning products over this time the Blue Wonder cloth is one of the best value for money items I have ever purchased. It has paid for itself over and over. It’s so easy to use and keeping things clean takes so little effort. I highly recommend Blue Wonder."

Raewyn Greenlees

“The most brilliant cleaning cloths”

“Thank you for still being in business with the most brilliant cleaning cloths. I have been so thrilled with all the products I have bought from you."

Maire Pearson

"Love the way the windows come up sparkling clean"

"I have had one of these for many years and love the way the windows come up sparkling clean. P.S. I was a cleaner so have cleaned lots and lots of windows."

Kay Crow

"What a great product"

"I have pointed a friend to order a cloth for herself and her mum. I must admit I am demonstrating and telling everyone I see about the Blue Wonder cloth, what a great product. My windows are now gleaming and without any hard work."

Sue Heagren

"Wonderful product"

"I am delighted to hear you are still marketing your wonderful product."

Lynne Varnam

"Easy and saves so much time"

"Love the Classic Cloth I got – easy and saves so much time."


"Happy Rags!"

"You can imagine how well-used Blue Wonder is on our boat Bucket List. We call them my "Happy Rags" as Alan is in his "Happy Place" whenever he is using one!

Karen Percy

"Treating myself to another"

"My daughter had borrowed mine and it never came back! Treating myself to another."

Joy Mehrtens

"Thoroughly recommended"

"My sister in NZ has one and thoroughly recommends it."

Sheila Castle

"Finally getting around to ordering another"

"Some years ago we purchased a Blue Wonder cloth from the Homeshow. However, about a year ago my beloved husband accidently threw it away, and I have been lamenting its loss ever since. I am now finally getting around to ordering another one."

Shelley Shelling