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Blue Wonder – The Original Microfibre Cloth

Blue Wonder is the original and patented microfibre cloth that delivers a sparkling, streak-free finish every time, with water alone.

Developed in Switzerland, made in Canada, and now available in New Zealand, Blue Wonder cloths clean naturally, safely and effectively. Thanks to a patented blend of highest quality nylon and polyester fibres, Blue Wonder cloths have the perfect microstructure for superior cleaning power.

To create Blue Wonder cloths, a high-tech heat weaving process repeatedly presses, blends and interweaves the microfibres. This creates an ultra absorbent fabric that magnetically attracts dirt and dust, whilst holding no stains or odours.

Better for you, better for the environment

With no need for harmful cleaning chemicals, your home will be a safer and healthier place to live. And with no toxic chemical residue going down the drain, cleaning with Blue Wonder cloths is far better for the environment too.

A healthier, allergy-free home

The ultra fine fibres in Blue Wonder cloths have micro-thin edges that attract and trap even the smallest dust and dirt particles. So you can enjoy a healthier, allergy-free home by cleaning with water alone.

Radically reduce bacteria in kitchens and bathrooms

The fibres in Blue Wonder cloths are so small that they even remove most bacteria from surfaces too. Tests by food inspectors showed a radical reduction of bacteria when Blue Wonder was used on mean preparation counters. And while Blue Wonder reduces bacteria on the surfaces cleaned, laboratory tests show that bacteria does not grow or multiply in Blue Wonder microfibre.

That makes Blue Wonder cloths ideal for use in hygienically sensitive areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. Once used, simply place your Blue Wonder cloth in boiling water for a couple of minutes to kill any bacteria.

Streak-free cleaning – every time

Blue Wonder cloths work by trapping dirt and particles in the tiny microfibres of the fabric. These particles are only released again when the cloth is washed in hot water. This prevents dust and dirt from being transferred between surfaces while cleaning, which eliminates streaking on glass, stainless and other high-gloss surfaces.

Quick and easy cleaning

With Blue Wonder you can cut your household cleaning time in half, not to mention cutting your cleaning bill. When your Blue Wonder cloth is dirty, simply wash it in hot water to remove any residue. For best results, boil your cloth in a mild, non-phosphate detergent, and hang it out to dry. What could be easier?

Tear resistant and long lasting

Blue Wonder’s high quality microfibre is more tear resistant than any natural fibre. And because they’re good for over 2000 washes, you’ll get many years of use out of your Blue Wonder cloths. Just imagine how much that could save you in cleaning chemicals over the years.