Clean naturally with Blue Wonder microfibre cloths

Just add water for an unbeatable clean every time

With Blue Wonder, there’s no need for harsh and harmful cleaning chemicals. These incredible blue microfibre cloths work wonders on all surfaces. Simply wet, wring and wipe for a sparkling, streak-free finish on benchtops, sinks, showers, vanities, windows, mirrors, screens, lenses, vehicles, boats and so much more.

Discover the advantages of Blue Wonder microfibre cloths...


No need for harmful cleaning chemicals.


Keep toxic chemicals out of the environment.


Simply wet, wring, wipe and leave to dry.


Cut your household cleaning time in half.


Suitable for all surfaces around the home.

Cost effective

Reduce your cleaning bill by cutting out chemicals.

Long lasting

Tear-resistant and good for 2000+ washes.


Non-abrasive - leaves zero scratches or marks.

Allergy friendly

Eliminate dust particles from your home.

The microfibre cloths with superior cleaning power

Made from a unique blend of high quality nylon and polyester, Blue Wonder microfibre cloths deliver a superior, streak-free clean with water alone. The patented blend of superfine fibres is proven to trap dust and dirt like no other. Blue Wonder microfibre cloths even remove 99% of bacteria – with no need for any toxic cleaning chemicals.

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Microfibre cleaning cloths & mops

Use Blue Wonder microfibre cloths everywhere around the home. Trap dirt and dust, and eliminate 99% of bacteria, using water alone.


Microfibre towels & skin cloths

Experience the gentle yet highly effective cleansing of microfibre skin cloths and towels from the Blue Wonder Skin Deep range.