Microfibre towels and skin cloths

Gently and safely cleanse your skin with water alone, with the Blue Wonder Skin Deep range of microfibre towels and skin cloths.

Made from a unique and patented blend of super soft microfibre fabric, you’ll love the luxurious feel of Skin Deep cloths and towels. Warm water is all it takes to cleanse your skin right down to the pores. Perfect for sensitive skin, these gentle cloths mean you can do away with harsh, drying soaps and cleansers. 

Skin Deep microfibre towels and cloths are ideal for:

  • Face & body: Simplify your beauty regime and save money by cleansing with water alone.
  • Hair: Blue Wonder’s super absorbent microfibre towels make drying your hair a breeze.
  • Sensitive skin: No need for harsh, drying soaps and cleansers.
  • Acne and eczema sufferers: Gently exfoliate without irritation.